Automotive alternator bearings due to exposure in the brush wear dust and from external dust,mud and other harsh environments,the bearing must have good sealing performance;through the V Ribbed belt wheel drives the generator rotor to rotate,the bearing must be able to bear load;along with the automobile performance continues to improve,automotive engine and generator performance is put forward higher requirements,motor speed has more than 20000rpm,the bearing must have high speed performance;automotive generators require low friction torque,automotive generator bearings must satisfy low start-up and rotational torque requirement;long life,high reliability and so on request.

Automotive alternator bearings have the following characteristics:
1, Inner ,outer ring,steel material with high purity,and special materials processing to obtain good organization;as well as the form and position tolerance with high precision,excellent working surface morphology;
2, The retainer material has sufficient strength to maintain high-speed,high-temperature properties;
3, Seal structure and seal has a high performance sealing,heat resistance,and good oil,grease idler affinity stability;
4, Grease has excellent anti bearing fatigue spalling resistance,low temperature,high stability,and resistance to leakage.

Recommended technical requirements:
1, Grease: Multemp ET-K, ENEOS ENS, Kulber, Lubcon Turmogrease N803B.
2, Seals:ACM.

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